“It’s the only time…

I feel like me, she said, & everyone else just thinks it’s dress-up.” ~Storypeople


Kenting Vacay (Part Two)

The four of us rented a car…OK, Scott did most of the hard work for us (thank you!) in order to head down to Kenting, beach capital of Taiwan. It was an awesome adventure that was definitely needed. We left late at night, and for the first half of the car ride, I felt like this:

But then I caught my second wind towards the last three hours of the trip, and what can I say? “I was too excited to sleep[!]” when we arrived to the hotel at 2AM. So, then I felt like this little kid from the Disney commercial so long ago:

After finally falling asleep, I awoke a few hours later to the brightest sunshine I’d seen in a long time. It was glorious. We headed down for breakfast, where I was greeted with loads of fun colors and beautiful flowers and vases.

(Some of them reminded me of Greece because of the use of blue and white together – oh how I long to visit Greece…)

We even got to see some oxen roaming around:

…to which a young girl continuously shouted 大象 (elephant) at. Then, upon finding out that they were in fact not elephants, but oxen, she became quite disheartened and walked away. Haha.

Following that, it was off to do some exploring!

(Side note: don’t try coconut water; it’s disgusting. lol)

Both days in Kenting were spent at the beach.

(Unfortunately I did not get to try surfing this time around, but definitely on the next beach vacation!)

On the second day we stumbled upon the official National Park area in Kenting, which meant we got to see a lot of rocks, but for the most part we were more interested in the feral kittens.

OK. Maybe some of the rocks.

But more so this dead tree:

As we headed back to the hotel to watch the sunset on the second day, we found a lovely field and a neat little temple.

(It’s been so long since we’ve seen an open field!)

After making it back to town, we were just in time to watch the sunset in peace…well, except for the [already] drunkards cheering for the sun to set.

Upon leaving the next day, we ate breakfast at a colorful little place down the road, and then it was time to head back home.

(Not sure what Jeremy said that caught Stef’s attention, but it must have been intriguing because I’m pretty sure I was counting.)

I can’t wait for our next vacation! 🙂

Kenting Vacay

After returning from Kenting, the beach capitol of Taiwan, for Dragon Boat Festival, it’s been a mad rush back to work. While I slowly but surely get back into the groove of my everyday routine, here are a few photos from our awesome trip until I can finish the full post.

I hope you enjoy them!

Gypsy Dreams

“Only her skin between her life and the great wide ocean.” ~Storypeople

Sometimes my gypsy spirit takes over, and I often find myself dreaming of far off places. I dream of wide open spaces and sitting on cliffs overlooking the Irish Sea. I dream of empty beaches where the salty air can rush through my hair as I watch storm clouds roll in from the distance, all while squishing the damp sand in between my toes. I dream of Greek alleyways and sunlit windowsills, of running through open fields, resting under willow trees while sunlight peeks through the leaves. I dream of travel and exploration because the world is so big, and so are our dreams.

What do you dream of?

Coffee Shop Moments

With no one else in the shop, my 紅茶 (black tea) to my right, and my vibrantly colorful stationery spread out before me, I give voice to my dreams, my goals, my life’s desires.

I love moments like these.

“The Wisdom of Process” [Gerber]

Taken from Michael Gerber’s Awakening the Entrepreneur Within:

Isn’t that a remarkable expression: “a figment of your imagination”? It presumes that your imagination
makes up things that aren’t real, as though that is the opposite of things that are real, the kinds of things
that have nothing to do with your imagination.

All the left-brained behemoths in the world would have you believe that imagination is the problem, when, in fact, the entire universe is supremely imaginative. Whether or not you believe in God, who can fail to be amazed at the incredible world in which we live?